Summer 2018 - Young Beginners Workshops

Little Strummers will be running young beginners guitar and ukulele workshops this summer.

This is an ideal introductory session for children up to age 10.


Lessons and classes available at the following times



  • Thursday 9th August - 10am to 12pm
  • Wednesday 15th August - 10am to 12pm
  • Tuesday 21st August - 10am to 12pm


  • Wednesday 8th August - 10am to 12pm
  • Monday 20th August - 10am to 12pm


  • Two hour workshops £10 (subject to a minimum of four students)


  • Available to use free of charge

Location - West Wycombe


If you would like a lesson or a time that isn't shown above, please just ask and we will arrange something for you.


Please email: office@littlestrummers.co.uk or call 07941 282311 for enquiries and to book.


Thank you