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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Play The Ukulele

The ukulele has grown in popularity over recent years and more and more artists are gravitating to this fun, much smaller instrument. Here are all the reasons you need to pick up a ukulele and start learning today!


#1 Ukuleles are small and easy to carry

As opposed to other stringed instruments such as the guitar, cello or violin, the ukulele is much smaller and therefore easier to play. They are lightweight, easy to carry and transport so you can continue to play even whilst on your travels!

#2 You can adapt popular songs easily

As you might have already seen on our Online Lessons and Tutorials page on our website, there are plenty of songs that you can simplify and adapt to play on the ukulele. We have uploaded a few songs already for players of all abilities to try and more will be uploaded month upon month.

You can get a great sense of accomplishment learning to play a song you know and enjoy. There are some great tutorials on our YouTube channel.

#3 Friendly instrument for children and beginners

Being that much smaller and having fewer strings, the ukulele tends to be a popular choice for younger children to begin learning. The strings on a normal guitar are much thicker and harder to press, to make the correct sound. However, the nylon strings on a ukulele are much easier to press down without getting sore fingers after a few practices!

#4 Chords are easier to play/memorize

Chords on the ukulele you will find are easier to play compared to other stringed instruments because there are only four strings. Some guitar chords require you to place three fingers down to get the sound, whereas you may only need to use one finger on the ukulele to get the same chord.

As the chords are simpler to play, learning new songs can be much quicker and easier to memorize.

#5 Ukulele is fun!

For all the reasons stated above, the ukulele can be a very fun starter instrument to play! People of all ages and abilities can get enjoyment playing the ukulele. They are fairly inexpensive too, a great little instrument to relax and unwind with.


We have ukuleles available for hire if you are interested in learning! Please get in touch with the office if you would like to get started.

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