Supporting the Community

Music for the Elderly

One of our core values is the belief that everyone deserves access to a high quality music and music education. Our commitment is to create that opportunity for all current and future students and for our community as a whole.


At Little Strummers, it has been our dream for a long time now to take our music into nursing homes. As we await our charity status, we are excited to announce that we are able to provide free-of-charge singalongs and performances (by our professional and talented teachers and friends!) in nursing homes, mental health wards and retirement villages.


The positive power of music cannot be underestimated!

The project is not-for-profit, and over tome we hope to invite more musicians to get involved and share their love of music, covering a vast range of instruments and styles.


If you know of a home or organisation that might be interested in having one of us perform, then please contact Helen on 07484 159675 or send a message to


We look forward to sharing our future endeavours with you! Thanks, as ever, for your support.


The Little Strummers Team

"The residents look forward to Charlie and Claire visiting Henley Manor. Charlie is a very accomplished classical guitarist and they particularly like to hear her Spanish Guitar. Claire joined Charlie later on after a few sessions on her own, Claire sings along with Charlie on guitar.


We have been very fortunate to have this entertainment that we could accommodate in Lockdown. The girls have an area where they stand outside 3 metres away from the residents. They are always bright and smiling, which is appreciated by all the residents.


It is also so nice for the residents to meeting outside community albeit from afar. We really enjoy their visits and hope this continues. Music is so important for residents and it not only help with anxiety, but lift the spirits of everyone on some difficult days they have to face." ~ Louise, Lifestyle Lead at Henley Manor Care Home

We have only have had one session with Charlie so far but are residents responded well and really enjoyed listening to the classical guitar. Most of them stayed settled throughout and some even asked her to stay and play some more. We would love to have weekly sessions as it is a real benefit to the residents to be able to enjoy live music.

Charlie has performed for us on a few occasions at various times throughout this pandemic. This has been a difficult year for our residents, who have missed the regularity of singers and performances within the home. As Charlie plays the guitar we have been able to book her to perform. This has been well received each time, with residents listening to Charlie’s soft relaxing melodies. We look forward to being able to see more of the Little Strummers in 2021. ~ Hayley  Helsdown, Royal Star and Garter